Architectural sculptures in wood, steel and concrete

As a part of the Making and Designing Space studio, I made three sculptures exploring wood, steel and concrete.

The first sculpture: Divides 1 cu.ft of space into two. I call this shape "Yanien", and made a little paper toy based on this shape after making this. I was trying to make a rectangular, 3d version of the yin-yang symbol, and I think I came really close. :)

The second sculpture: 1ftx5ftx1ft. Inspired from insect exoskeleton. The stool gives an idea of size.

The same sculpture standing.

A sketchup model I made before making the final piece. The camera lens gives an idea of size.

The final sculpture: Divides 1ftx4ftx4ft of space into 5 spaces. I wanted to build a sculpture that clearly shows different material properties of different materials- concrete:bulk weight, compressive strength and steel:tensile strength.

Closeup photographs showing the construction of the cantilever central beams.

A sketchup model of the same sculpture before building the final.