BBNS Electronics-Coding Elective

I've been teaching an elective class at BBNS (Buckingham Browne and Nichols) Middle school, mosty trying to understand how to teach electronics to middle-schoolers in a meaningful way. The following video shows a music-toy my class (consisting of 4 enthusiastic students) made after one semester. The toy uses 7 LDRs (Light Dependant Array) mounted (hot-glued) to a cardboard box that prompt an arduino to create a tone corresponding to the note that was activated.


My experiments with teaching electronics to kids culminated in the creation of Zozo, which was used to motivate 75 middle-school students to consider electronics and coding in a one-day workshop. The toy consists of 8 neopixel LEDs, one Sharp IR distance sensor and one servo motor. I'm working on the design of the toy, but, here are some photographs so far.

The following photos show some of the modifications.

The photographs show how some students modified their toys using arduino code and pipe-cleaners.