nishanchi [Handheld Inkjet Printer for Non-Conformable Surfaces]


First sketch: December 2012

More conceptual thinking, another sketch: May 2013

Another sketch trying to understand how to put all the parts together: July 2013

Cardboard prototype with all the initial parts fitting: July 2013

Previous cardboard prototype built in acrylic: July 2013. It used an optical flow sensor from a mouse to sense movement and took its first printout!

Installed a magnetic tracking sensor, added a blue overlay to make it look more exciting. Here's a video of it taking its first printout. September 2013

The printout taken by this version vs the original image

Confident now that the magnetic tracking system would work, sketched some more possible physical forms of the handset: October 2013

Started building concept models in solidworks. Wanted this first one to be small and to look like a little wooden knob-handle: November 2013

Realized that for the device to be comfortable in the digizing mode, it should be symmetrical about horizontal mid-plane.

Moved the sensor inside the chassis to make it less stout. This made the device longer, but hopefully more manageable.

Finally decided to move the digitizing tip perpendicular to the device axis. Decided to build this version: November 2013

Actually built this version and it worked (almost like a charm), with some hiccups: February 2014

Ironing out some of the hiccups, the sensor is too close to the printhead control circuit. The carbonfiber struts move it farther away without adding weight or compromising on rigidity. April 2014

The last version in the making. June 2014